Valtra T174 EV Versu

Numero UEL2949064
prezzo IVA inclusa 19 % 136.850 €
prezzo IVA esclusa 115.000 €
Marca Valtra
Modello T174 EV Versu
anno di costruzione 2017
ore 574
altre informazioni
Tipo: Macchina usata
Marca: Valtra
Modello: T 174 EV VERSU
anno di costruzione: 2017
ore: 574
Potenza: 130 KW (177 CV)
velocità km/h: 40


Valtra T 174 EV Smart Touch
Mechanical UL side struts
engine preheating
Suspended front axle
front PTO
ZW stub 6 grooves / 35 mm
compressor kit
Top link, hydraulic SK Cat.3+3/2
Main headlights on the roof
"Free return 1"" Pimp"
AKH 38 mm bolt A11 automatic
ZW switch on rear mudguard
rear window wiper
Tool box, first aid kit
U-Pilot headland management
Signal socket, 1 On/Off valve rear
Isobus rear, 40km/h EcoSpeed
Front control units 3 + 6/2
Compressed air - brake system 2-pipe
Air conditioning automatic
Front fender 4WD turnable
AutoComfort cab suspension
Lower link Fangh. Cat.3+3/3HD
HD Lower link mechanical
Transmission DPS Power Shuttle 30
Hydraulic pump LS 160 L/min
Passenger seat with belt, COC document
Fuel tank: N4: 235 litres; T4: 380
650/65R42 A +540/65R30 A Mitas SST
Front upper link, telescopic
Panoramic roof, air suspended driver seat
green metallic
PTO540/540E/1000 Umin
Wiper Premium Wide Angle
Windscreen wiper for the right side
DIN socket 12V , cool box
Standard loudspeaker system
Sigma Power PTO shaft boost
Valtra unlimited option
Electrically adjustable rear-view mirror
Front linkage with 51kN lifting capacity
wide rear mudguards
Front loader consoles
Front loader G6L
Valtra quick 2 , Accessories set
Rotating beacon left
AutoControl 'D' / EHR + radar slipfrege
Smart Touch armrest with hydraulic joysticks
Base Terminal, lifting capacity high HD
Auto-Guide Submeter ( Novatel)
Standard K80 390 mm
Valtra Connect Unlimited
EURO (G) Mounting frame
Traduzione automatica dal tedesco senza garanzia.
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AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH
Am Buschfeld 15
29640 Schneverdingen
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