Bergmann TSW 6240 S

Numero TCA2857738
prezzo IVA inclusa 19 % 44.030 €
prezzo IVA esclusa 37.000 €
Marca Bergmann
Modello TSW 6240 S
anno di costruzione 2013
altre informazioni
Tipo: Macchina usata
Marca: Bergmann
Modello: TSW 6240 S
anno di costruzione: 2013


used Bergmann universal spreading trolley
Hydraulic support leg
E-Control Light
ball coupling
Boundary spreading device hydraulic switchable
2-roller spreading unit with cardan drive
Boron double acting endandapprice 300 mm, on both sides
Lift axle BCT 20 / ISOBUS function
Boundary spreading device BCT 20 / ISOBUS-
Spread rate control, driving speed-
depending on mood
ISOBUS comfort operation incl.
Terminal CCI 200
Boron double acting attachment 450 mm, 1 side hinged
Rear lights, manually switchable - LED
Axles verst. Version: 1 brake axle /
1 steering axle
Lift axle 1. axle hydraulic chassis
Automatic load-dependent brake
Clearance lights gooseneck, red + white
Tyres 750/45-R26,5
hydraulic actuation for attachments left
hydraulic function for BCT 20
Speed monitoring of spreading rollers
underride guard
Traduzione automatica dal tedesco senza garanzia.
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Technik Center Alpen GmbH
Weseler Strasse 28
46519 Alpen
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