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Marca Claas
Modello TRIMBLE GFX-750
anno di costruzione 2021
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Tipo: Macchina nuova
Marca: Claas
Modello: TRIMBLE GFX-750
anno di costruzione: 2021


CLAAS steering system Trimble GFX 750 + NAV 900 incl. RTK & ISOBUSParallel driving system Trimble- GFX 750 terminal with large HD touchscreen color display 10,1” (25,6 cm)- Android-based operating system- Robust construction for daily use in the field- RTK activation for track to track accuracy of +/- 2,5cm- ISOBUS UT activation for use as ISOBUS operator terminal- Retrofit kit suitable for CLAAS tractors with technology year 2018 - 2021 (CEBIS Touch)• AXION 9XX: From A4400583, A42x• AXION 8XX: From A5000100, A5100100, A6000100, A6100100• ARION 6XX: From A7601614, A7700924, A96x, A97x• ARION 5XX: From A7400720, A7500415, A94x, A95x• ARION 4XX: From A5202187, A5303421Enablement for SectionControl and application cards optionally available.Mounting on request. | Internal no.: 11073435
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