Grimme SE 150-60 NB

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Marca Grimme
Modello SE 150-60 NB
anno di costruzione 2013
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Tipo: Macchina usata
Marca: Grimme
Modello: SE 150-60 NB
anno di costruzione: 2013


SE 150-60 NB
Grimme potato harvester SE 150-60NB
drawbar coupling D=80
sep. verstb. Middle coulter
Automatic dam pressure control
Automatic dam center finding
V2A plates in the swing frame
hydraulic driven vibrating beater 1. sieve
1 haulm stripping shaft hydraulically driven
Cleaning device in the hedgehog belt of the
1. separator
slip monitoring 1st separator,
with electr. speed adjustment
cleaning device in the hedgehog belt of the 2. separator
Electr. Speed adjustment
for 1st and 2nd separator
3. separator NB hedgehog belt (1,10 m)
7,5 t hopper with wide axle (3,30 m)
Autom. filling for rolling floor hopper
Autom. for front elevator and
Filling optimization
Potato discharge at the rolling floor bunker
for box filling/falling brake
hydraulic folding device for potato outlet
Autom. axle center finding and inclination automat.
tires 800/45-30.5 (2 pieces)
7" monitor and multiplexer Video-Syst.
Camera reading table incl. lighting
Rear view camera incl. lighting
Camera transition 1. and 2. separator
Control terminal VC50 + Joystick Box
Traduzione automatica dal tedesco senza garanzia.
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