Pöttinger JUMBO 7450 DB

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Dealer number HAR3027558
prezzo IVA inclusa 19 % 172.431 €
prezzo IVA esclusa 144.900 €
Marca Pöttinger
Modello JUMBO 7450 DB
anno di costruzione 2022
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Tipo: Macchina usata
Marca: Pöttinger
Modello: JUMBO 7450 DB
anno di costruzione: 2022


Cardan shaft SFT-S9,300 Nm
TÜV 60 km/h
2 x wheel chock large
Bottom on K80
Dual line compressed air system
Tridem aggregate hydrophneu.
Forced steering with K50
Lift axle to tridem
710/50 R 26.5 Country King-Nokian
Pick-up touch wheel chassis/pendulum
Scraper rear control
ISOBUS tractor cab cable
Fill level sensor tailgate
Clearance and marker lights
Front wall intelligently adjustable/controllable
Load compartment cover can be folded to the side
3.metering rollers to all-steel body
Lighting package 3
Set of single knives
Channel cover for chopper operation
Load compartment elevation
Powercut cutting double actingk 48 knives
Pick-up caster wheels
356 hrs/ZW 108 hrs/PU 59 hrs/388 trips
Pöttinger loader wagon
Traduzione automatica dal tedesco senza garanzia.
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