Grimme GB 230

Dealer number NOM2985179
prezzo IVA inclusa 19 % 76.160 €
prezzo IVA esclusa 64.000 €
Marca Grimme
Modello GB 230
anno di costruzione 2021
ore 600
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Tipo: Macchina usata
Marca: Grimme
Modello: GB 230
anno di costruzione: 2021
ore: 600


Grimme potato planter
- National approval / individual approval
- ISOBUS operation via tractor or
ISOBUS - capable terminal,
including power supply via
ISOBUS socket
- Ball head (Scharmüller)
- Reinforced, mechanically
telescopic drawbar with
hydraulic support leg
- Automatic tipping bunker
- Row width 80 cm
- Hydraulically driven vibrator,
operated via terminal
- Row shut-off electrically,
2 rows
- Slope compensation of the planting elements
- Liquid pickling attachment kit,
3 nozzles per row
- Attachment kit for furrow treatment
2 nozzles per row. Including
90° flat spray angle nozzles,
1x at the front in the open furrow,
1x at the rear into the soil flow
of the cover discs
- Automatic speed-dependent
control and
electric part-width section control
- TS 820 rear, 2 drums included
Rinsing drum, operating elements and
hose package
- Pump for barrel system, hydraulically
driven with connection
from the block
- Fertilizer spreader (incl. front frame)
- Fertilizer spreader attachment
- Disc outlet Discs Ø 500 mm
- Electric fertilizer spreader
Switch-off at tramline (2x)
- Electric granular fertilizer spreader,
On/off via control terminal VC 50
or CCI (approved granules
see operating instructions)
- Electrical connection for powder
or granular spreader
- Additional parts in the furrow opener for
granulate spreading
- Spring-mounted covering device with
Covering disks 460 mm
- Tine bar with grid rollers
- Track width 1.80 m
- 12.4x24 AS tires
- Hydraulic axle steering with
axle centering via
hydraulic block
- Attachments including
Cable for existing camera
- Section Control machine license
- License for application cards
- Lighting and warning signs
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